Outdoor and Exterior Electrical Installations

Cade Electric offers a variety of outdoor and exterior installations.

Buried electrical cables are often used to supply electricity to buildings, exterior systems, fixtures and detached structures. Aerial electric power transmission lines supply power at high voltages. High voltages are stepped down using transformers to distribute power to industrial, commercial and residential areas.

Some locations and electrical applications require that distribution lines are fed underground, others may allow lines to run overhead. Cade electric employs the use of aerial bucket lifts and trenching machines where needed to install and repair electrical systems. When power is tapped into for new locations, metering units will have to be installed. Electric meters can often be seen mounted to the exterior of structures.

Outdoor facility lighting poles are most often supplied by buried cable. In many cases, new electrical installations will require a combination of trenching to bury cable and aerial lifts to mount fixtures.  Many security system plans may require specific placement of exterior lighting and cameras mounted on poles supplied by electric power.